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17 Jul

Among the most popular breed of small-built canines, the French bulldogs are reputedly expensive and difficult to breed. The female French bulldogs are small and have narrow hips which cannot be easily mounted and so artificial insemination is the only option to breed more of this type of bulldog, but this method can be costly and time-consuming. An additional expense is during delivery time of the puppies, which is by C-section, since most of these puppies have large heads and shoulders, much bigger for them to pass through the birth canal of their mother. With these top reasons as prime considerations why it is costly to breed this kind of canines, aside from the professional care, food, medicines, and shelter, the whole breeding proposition is truly an expensive venture. View this website about dog.

There are, however, reputable and conscientious dog breeders who continue to breed French bulldogs despite the difficulty of producing by practising good breeding techniques. These breeders know that selecting the right female and the right stud, as well as setting the terms of breeding is the right foundation to producing good quality French bulldog litters. It is good to belong to a canine breeder organization or, to be more specific, a French bulldog club where you can meet reliable breeders at who can provide established pedigrees of quality lineage for you to consider breeding quality French bulldogs.

Health certifications of both the female and male French bulldogs must be secured first including an information of their lineage in order to narrow down your selection to the right female and male dogs. Breeding can only take place when the terms of breeding have been considered and agreed on, such as natural means or artificial insemination, where the mating will take place, and charge cost of the services. Get frenchie puppies for sale here!

An experienced breeder will know when the female dog is in the heating period for mating, but for best results always consider bringing the dog to a vet to test if she is ovulating. Breeding time starts when the female dog is confirmed ovulating and since artificial insemination increases the chance of pregnancy, this method is often chosen, thus the stud's semen is extracted, chilled and sent to the vet. During the period of pregnancy, which is about 60 to 68 days, the female dog must be taken cared of in the best possible conditions: clean, well-hydrated, provided with regular amount of food fortified with vitamins and minerals. Always consider a vet to be on-call, especially since the gestation period of French female bulldogs is around 59-63 days, so that no conflicting schedules on the vet's side can make it difficult to deliver a C-section to the mother dog. It has been observed that the birthing process can be traumatic even for French bulldogs, so limit the number of pregnancies for the mother dog.

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